What Is a Relaxation Massage?

As the name suggests, relaxation massage is a gentle, smooth, flowing style of massage that relieves muscular tension, promotes general relaxation and improves ROM (range of motion) and circulation. The spa therapist aims to relax, revive plus rejuvenate the client at a massage depth that doesn’t cause discomfort.

Procedure – How Does Relaxation Massage Work?

The best-known type of relaxation massage is probably Swedish massage. The spa therapist will move slowly and use lighter pressure. Less emphasis is put on working out “knots” or adhesions in the muscle tissue, as this can be uncomfortable and even make some people become tense against the pressure.

When it comes to relaxation massage, the spa therapist will not push the pain limits of the client just to make muscle release. During a relaxation massage, the client can even fall asleep.

Why You Should Get a Relaxation Massage – Benefits of a Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage is a great choice for people who have never tried a massage in their life or those who want to bring down stress-related symptoms. This includes providing a boost to their immune system after going through regular treatments.

Also, relaxation massage is good for people who receive a massage once a year as a special treat. They won’t get rid of all the knots in a single massage but drifting into that deeply relaxed state for 15 minutes will certainly do it.

Gentle massage also stimulates sensory endings in your skin, which send messages through your nervous system causing your brain to release endorphins. Endorphins are feel-good chemicals and the body’s natural painkillers that activate the body’s opiate receptors and cause an analgesic effect. A relaxation massage also reduces muscle tension like relieving tension headaches. It’s beneficial to people who are always stressed out as well; it helps decrease cortisol hormones level in the body.

Additionally, a relaxation massage improves gastrointestinal motility, meaning that the bowel movements of the client will become more regular. It also improves peripheral circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system in the body, which is responsible for carrying away waste products. Here is a site with more benefits of a relaxation massage: https://www.well-beingsecrets.com/relaxation-massage-therapy-benefits/

There are many benefits that relaxation massage offers. Visitors who are in London and looking for superb hotel deals that include a relaxation massage should go to K-West Hotel & Spa.

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