Why is it Good to Drink Tea Instead of Coffee?

Why is it Good to Drink Tea Instead of Coffee?

Tea is enjoyed by millions of people around the world, but then so is coffee. Ask any tea or coffee lover which is best, and they’re bound to defend their own drink of choice. Both tea and coffee have been said to have mental, emotional, physical and social benefits, but is drinking tea really better than drinking coffee?

Tea Has Been an Institution for Centuries

Tea drinking has been a British institution for centuries. Right up until the 18th century, ale and gin were consumed by the masses. By the middle of the 18th century, tea had overtaken both in the popularity stakes. Whether it’s a mug of builders brew, or a dainty china cup and saucer, the Brits have long loved their tea. It’s not just Britain either. China and India are the two most obvious examples of countries where tea drinking is part of the culture.

There are many different reasons why tea has been popular for so long.

Tea Hydrates the Body and Replenishes Fluids

In it’s purest form, tea is just water with the flavour of tea. There’s no need to add cream, milk, marshmallows, or any other kind of accoutrement. This means tea is great for hydrating your body and replenishing lost fluids, because it’s water and nothing else.

Studies Have Shown Tea Can Help Reduce the Chances of Developing Certain Cancers

The scientific evidence is a little sketchy, but studies have shown that drinking tea helps to reduce the chance of developing certain kinds of tumours and cancers.

Tea Keeps You Going for Longer

Tea has the same amount of caffeine as coffee, however, the rush you get after drinking a cup of coffee is much shorter lived. A coffee high lasts less time and drops quicker.

Tea is Easier to Make

To make a cup of tea, all you need to do is pop a tea bag in a cup and add water. Granted, there are more elaborate ways to make a cup of tea, but if you need instant relief there’s nothing quicker.

There are More Antioxidants in Tea

Antioxidants are used by your body to keep it ticking over, and help you look and feel good. Tea has them in abundance, whereas coffee is lacking.

Tea Doesn’t Discolour Your Teeth

One last reason to ditch your coffee and drink tea instead is the fact that coffee discolours your teeth.

Tea Drinking is a Social Occasion

A cup of tea has a social function. How many times have you discussed an important issue with a friend, over a cup of tea? Make a booking for afternoon tea at the Royal Lancaster London, and you’ll see how important a social occasion tea drinking can be.

Tea is a great beverage to enjoy with friends and is often used as a way to unwind. Coffee, on the other hand, is considered more of a workplace beverage, used by people to charge themselves up for the day.

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