A short history of Hyde Park, London

We explore the rich history of the largest and oldest park in Central London, Hyde Park, and explore some of the things you can see or do Covering 350 Acres (142 hectares), Hyde Park, which is one of the Royal Parks in London, positions itself as the largest park in Central London. It is alsoContinue reading “A short history of Hyde Park, London”

Bangkok and Muay Thai: tradition, history and where you can see it

Are you a fan of crazy and out of this world fighting and combat? Muay Thai is quite vigorous. Also known as “Art of the eight limbs” martial arts is considered as the best sport in Bangkok. Traditional dances and music precede muay Thai fights; thus, you learn Thai history. Here are the traditions, historyContinue reading “Bangkok and Muay Thai: tradition, history and where you can see it”

5 of Bangkok’s most luxurious foods

In this article, we explore how you can satisfy your taste buds with some of the most luxurious foods in Bangkok. When visiting Bangkok, you will be met with a plethora of dining options. With an overabundance of what and where to eat, you will be wondering how to make the best of your BangkokContinue reading “5 of Bangkok’s most luxurious foods”

Why is it Good to Drink Tea Instead of Coffee?

Why is it Good to Drink Tea Instead of Coffee? Tea is enjoyed by millions of people around the world, but then so is coffee. Ask any tea or coffee lover which is best, and they’re bound to defend their own drink of choice. Both tea and coffee have been said to have mental, emotional,Continue reading “Why is it Good to Drink Tea Instead of Coffee?”

What Is a Relaxation Massage?

As the name suggests, relaxation massage is a gentle, smooth, flowing style of massage that relieves muscular tension, promotes general relaxation and improves ROM (range of motion) and circulation. The spa therapist aims to relax, revive plus rejuvenate the client at a massage depth that doesn’t cause discomfort. Procedure – How Does Relaxation Massage Work?Continue reading “What Is a Relaxation Massage?”