A short history of Hyde Park, London

We explore the rich history of the largest and oldest park in Central London, Hyde Park, and explore some of the things you can see or do

Covering 350 Acres (142 hectares), Hyde Park, which is one of the Royal Parks in London, positions itself as the largest park in Central London. It is also the oldest park in the city that has witnessed numerous events such as gun salutes, protests, concerts, Royal occasions, and housed duels. It is a major attraction for tourists and locals, who come here to relax, unwind, skate, cycle, sunbathe and enjoy fresh air, among other things. Westminster Abbey once owned the land where the park sits until it was confiscated by Henry VII in 1536 and transformed into private hunting grounds for the royals. It was opened for the public in the 17th century when Charles I ascended to the throne.

Notable events in the Park

As the oldest park in Central London, the park has witnessed some notable events. One of them is habitants of the city camping in the park to escape the Great Plague in 1665. Another event was when the wife of George II, Queen Caroline, ordered the park to be reconditioned to create The Serpentine, a lake covering 11.34 Hectares. The park was also a huge ground of jubilations when Prince Regent organised a fireworks display in 1814 to celebrate the end of the Napoleonic Wars. The park also hosted to the Great Exhibition in 1851 to celebrate industrial revolutions. It was also the host of the Silver Jubilee Exhibition to honour the 25-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

What to do and where to stay

There is no doubt that this historical park offers many things for its visitors to see and do. If you intend to visit Hyde Park London, you may want to find accommodation at the nearby Royal Lancaster London to enjoy the luxurious services, elegance, and comfort. Finding accommodation near the park will ensure you get the most of your visit here. You can check out for the many events being held at the park, opt to visit the speakers’ corner to witness debates, visit the Rose Garden to smell the scents of flowers at the spectacular gardens or take your little ones to the dedicated Children’s playground among others.

The rich history and numerous things you can do at the largest park in London means you will always be spoilt for choice.

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