Bangkok and Muay Thai: tradition, history and where you can see it

Are you a fan of crazy and out of this world fighting and combat? Muay Thai is quite vigorous. Also known as “Art of the eight limbs” martial arts is considered as the best sport in Bangkok. Traditional dances and music precede muay Thai fights; thus, you learn Thai history.

Here are the traditions, history and where you can see it.

The history

During the Buddhist years, Siam capital faced constant threats of war from neighbouring tribes. As a means of defence, they formed an army in 1238 to protect their capital. The soldiers were taught full-body combat as well as the use of weapons.

Learning the martial arts become engrained in Siamese people and eventually evolved to Muay Thai. Muay Thai gained popularity from the common people as well as the royals and high-class citizens. The first king of Sukhothai sent his two sons to Samakorn to learn the arts.

Life of a Muay Thai

Training begins early in childhood, even below eight years. The training is ingrained into everyday routines such as waking up early and practising fitness and fighting daily. Throughout their career, fighters participate in hundreds of matches.

The arts require a lifetime form of commitment to be successful. For most poor people, Muay Thai was used as an alternative to school children.

Respect and Spirituality.

As is the tradition to pass down the art from the master to the trainee, fighters have a deep respect for their masters. The masters train them on mental strength, fighting skills, dedication, and commitment and also bless their students.

Also, Muay Thai holds a spiritual significance to Thai people. They are believed to provide protection as well as luck to the community. Monks often trained in the arts and passed on their techniques together with spiritual teachings.

Where to find Muay Thai

There are several places where you can watch the authentic fight at its highest level. The Rajadamnern, Lumpinee and Channel 7 stadiums guarantee a memorable experience of Muay Thai.

You can also try your own practice of the art, for instance, in the Landmark Bangkok city Hotel fitness club.


Developed hundreds of years ago, Muay Thai is now a national sport in Thai and cultural martial art. The art became more than a means of defence to part of the life of Thai.

Although practised by the poor as a way out of poverty, it is also a source of entertainment and spirituality. Experiencing the martial arts is a good way to understand its history and traditions.

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